Things to Do in Nashville

Every place has some specialties. People are attracted to art, history, nature, and architecture. Nashville attracts thousands of tourists due to its music. People consider it the world’s music capital as you can find concert halls, bars, and clubs presenting music on every street of Nashville. Only a few people know that music represents only half of Nashville. When looking for things to do in Nashville, it is better to consider the part of this area representing nature. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the things to do in Nashville.

Grand Ole

If you want to see a show that is part of American history, you should go to this place. They have been presenting this show for a hundred years. You will find all genres of music in this show. It is the first thing to add to your bucket when visiting Nashville. People book a backstage tour before enjoying the show.


We recommend that you visit this place in the daytime before going there at night. You can enjoy old-style tram rides and shops during the day. When you visit there at night, the place transforms into a live music street. Most places show live music in a light-filled street. You can also enjoy the swimming pool, bull ride, and dance parties at night. It is not suitable to miss this place when you plan to visit Nashville downtown.

Cumberland Park

When you want to add a piece of nature to your Nashville tour, you can go to Cumberland Park. It is a perfect place for a walk with your loved one as you can also enjoy family time with your kids. It has many activities suitable for the kids. People also walk around the river and the bridge due to mesmerizing view of the park. As music is an essential part of every place in Nashville, this park also hosts many live concerts.

Gaylord Resort

If you want to spend a day with fun-packed activities, you can check out the Gaylord resort. It is a special destination for luxury lovers. This place has pools, spas, restaurants, gardens, and luxury suites. You can arrange wedding events in their ballroom and banquet hall. Nothing compares to the indoor jungle of the Gaylord resort as you can also take boat rides in it. When you want to spend a week in Nashville, it is better to book a room in this resort.

Vanderbilt observatory

You can go to this place when you have enjoyed enough music. It will let you take a break from this world and visit the amazing world of stars in the sky. You may have to go to the top of a hill to reach this place. It is open to the public most of the time. You can use their telescopes to view star constellations. If you want to enjoy music, it is better to bring some snacks there. They present live music outdoor at the top of the hill. It is an excellent place to visit with kids also.

Nashville Zoo

You are not allowed to take pictures with the animals in most zoos in the US. This zoo is different as it allows you to take pictures while holding the animals. This zoo has more than 3000 animals. You can spare some time for your kids when you visit this place. It is the 9th largest zoo in the US. The zoo also has a rich family history because a family donated the zoo to the city


It is a perfect place for architecture lovers. Nashville was known as the learning center of the US before it became the music capital. In the late 1800s, the people of Nashville built a replica. It was to promote art and learning in the area. It has become a museum now. You can visit there to enjoy the museum.

Warner Parks

We presented all the activities related to music and art. If you are a nature lover, this part is for you. These are the two largest parks in this area. Most of the parks in Nashville do not present wilderness. These parks are perfect for a stroll between the mountains and valleys. You can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities there free of cost.