Nashville Festivals

Nashville Tennessee is the bustling capital of Tennessee. It is a city that has lots to offer tourists. It has a variety of exotic food, great hospitality, and good music. The music industry is alive and kicking in this locality. Nashville is also called the “Music City” and holds a special place for country music artists. Aside from the music festivals, Nashville also caters to events for films, the arts, African roots, and culture-related activities. So if you are planning to visit, here is the rundown of the Nashville festivals schedules. So please do not forget to drop by and join the fun.;

CMA Music Festival:

Nashville is not called “Music City” for nothing, it is the venue of one of the biggest music festivals in the country. The prestigious and fun CMA Music Festival opens its doors every June. It is a four-day event filled with concerts, opportunities to meet your favorite artist, and party with other fans. You can expect live performances from award-winning artists and promising acts in the industry. If you are lucky, top celebrities also come by to visit this event to enjoy the festivities. Can you imagine yourself standing next to a top celebrity? Who knows? While enjoying the live performances, you might bump into one. Aside from the music, fans can also play games, watch interviews, and go shopping for official merchandise. It truly is a four-day festival to remember for the rest of your life.


Music City Hot Chicken Festival:

Hot Chicken is a delicacy that is uniquely Nashville. Compared to other Southern fried chicken recipes, it boasts of hot and spicy flavor. This battered and deep-fried delight has a mix of cayenne pepper powder and chile pepper-based paste. This event takes place in East Park every fourth of July every year. The signature dish is presented and served by the best local establishments. There is no entrance fee to join the event. You can allocate your whole budget to purchasing Hot Chicken and beer. Expect talented live bands to grace the festivities. You can catch a glimpse of the preparation of this delicious dish. There is an Amateur Cooking Competition that showcases that. So get your smartphones ready and film how the beloved recipe comes to life.


Nashville Film Festival:

This celebration of creativity through movies takes place every later part of September. It is one of the most prestigious and long-running film festivals in the United States of America. This event aims to honor the talents of filmmakers, screenwriters, and musicians. If you are a theatre and film enthusiast, this festival fills you to the brim. The Nashville Film Festival welcomes everyone in the industry. From veterans to newbies, they all have equal opportunities. There are numerous film screenings, educational conferences from esteemed creators, and other exclusive content. The movies featured vary from foreign movies, local productions, independent films, documentaries, and provocative short films.


African Street Festival:

Nashville deeply values the African-American community. To pay tribute to these important members, the African Street Festival every year is celebrated. During September in Hadley Park, Nashville, Tennessee, a three-day cultural awakening activity kicks off. This event takes pride in the numerous volunteer’s participation making the event a success. The program includes traditional dances like the kwanza, community outreach, fundraising, and other advocacies. If you are also curious about the local Black History of Nashville, it is the proper time to visit. Tours about the African-American roots of the locality are available courtesy of knowledgeable volunteers.


Artober Nashville:

Are you a fan of the visual arts? Then Nashville has something exclusively for you. Every October of the calendar year, the locality celebrates Artober Nashville. It is a one-month-long activity that features every type of art known to man. Indulge in the visual arts like crafts, theatre, and films. There is also room for performances like dance and music. Unlike other events that would cost some fees, most of the Artober Nashville events are free. So if you are on a budget but want to have a good time, this is the event you should not miss. This period also coincides with Halloween, so make sure to check it out. Nashville has the works from pumpkin patches