Integration Therapy

Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Integration is arguably the most important party of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Lasting personal and habitual changes are possible in psychedelic therapy when integration is an essential component of that process.
Transformational experiences —psychedelic-assisted or otherwise— wouldn’t be possible without the deep work that follows them. Integration is a vital and necessary part of life-changing growth and development.

In the Integration therapy process clients take the gained insights, emotions, or attitudes from your experience, and process them into their everyday experiences. Integration means “bringing parts together to make a whole.” Psychedelic integration helps the client to find a sense of “wholeness” through thoughtful intention setting. This is best done with a trained therapist or consultant.

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Integrative Therapy Self Healing

You’ve ready for something “more” … something that allows you to go deeper into your own strengths and break through what’s holding you back. You want to feel more connected to yourself and to the world around you.

Psychedelic experiences often bring about new feelings, sensations, and ideas. These things have the potential to offer powerful insight, healing, and life transformation — but this can be very difficult to do on your own.

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Integration Therapy

♦ Make meaning of your experiences

♦ Create intentions for your journey

♦ Experience new awakenings and insights

♦ Process new sensations and feelings

♦ Apply new wisdom to day to day life

♦ Address fears or doubts about your journey


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Whether you are preparing for a psychedelic experience or want support in processing a past one, psychedelic preparation & integration therapy can help.

Prior to your experience, preparation therapy can help you set your intentions in order to get the most out of it. After that, integration therapy is about applying the unique experiences brought about by psychedelics or plant medicines with your day-to-day life in order to get the most out of your journey or ceremony.

Many times, these journeys can stir up unexpected or uncomfortable feelings and questions. In psychedelic preparation & integration therapy, we can help you prepare for and process these in meaningful ways.