Psychedelic and Altered State Integration Therapy

Have you had an altered state of consciousness experience that you are having trouble processing or having reoccurring trauma/anxiety from an altered state experience? Are you seeking support in making the most of your mystical experiences? Are you interested in the healing and growth potential that can come from these journeys?

An altered or non-ordinary state of consciousness experience may occur during a variety of different practices including psychedelic experiences, Holotropic breathwork, meditation/yoga, a near-death experience, or shamanic journeying.  These experiences can be confusing, not taken seriously, or sometimes even pathologized. People often need support after having consciousness-expanding experiences.

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Integrative Therapy

Integration is arguably the most important party of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Lasting personal and habitual changes are possible in psychedelic therapy when integration is an essential component of that process.
Transformational experiences —psychedelic-assisted or otherwise— wouldn’t be possible without the deep work that follows them. Integration is a vital and necessary part of life-changing growth and development.

In the Integration therapy process clients take the gained insights, emotions, or attitudes from your experience, and process them into their everyday experiences. Integration means “bringing parts together to make a whole.” Psychedelic integration helps the client to find a sense of “wholeness” through thoughtful intention setting. This is best done with a trained therapist or consultant.

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Nashville Psychedelics

Non-ordinary states of consciousness or “psychedelic trips” can produce a multitude of ideas, sensations and feelings. Psychedelic Integration Therapy offers the space to “make meaning” of these experiences. It is the process of exploring challenges and insights that arise during a psychedelic experiences that can create long-lasting and meaningful changes.

Integration Therapy increases the potential for personal transformation that psychedelics offer. Professional support can make a difference in how we successfully integrate new insights into our lives in meaningful ways following a psychedelic experience.

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While we do not condone the use of psychedelic medicines, we are trained in harm reduction and can provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share your questions and concerns about your experiences. We are trained in several somatic approaches including Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, and EMDR which can help process these body memories quite effectively.

We provide a supportive environment to transform challenging psychedelic experiences and other non-ordinary states of consciousness into valuable learning opportunities and offer guidance and tools to heal and grow. If you’d like to process these experiences, then contact me. We are happy to discuss any questions you have about my practice or how integration can help you heal.